Saturday, February 27, 2010

Interesting Product: Pogoplug

I ran across an interesting Tech product called "Pogoplug" which allows you to access any USB storage device (solid or hard drive) via the internet through an internet browser.  The interesting thing about their business model is that you, the consumer pay for the device up front with no additional annual fees.  Compare this with other access companies which require you pay a yearly charge.

It currently is going for $129 on Amazon at the following link:  Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device.

It amazingly allows you the plug up to 4 USB devices or even more if you use a USB hub. What isn't clear is whether you can allow access to certain drives or partitions to family or friends via another ID/password. There is a "Usecase" for file sharing, but there isn't specific information on how to actually get it set up.

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